A global provider with over a decade of experience and operations in emerging markets.

Company Profile

With 14 years of automotive OEM and aftermarket telematics experience, Road Track is the largest OEM telematics provider in Latin America and one of the fastest-growing service providers in the world.

We provide a comprehensive, end-to-end connected car platform to the automotive market with innovative products and services designed for a broad set of customers including automotive manufacturers, car dealers, insurance companies, fleet financing companies and fleet operators. Leveraging, our 100% OEM certified products, services and operations. Road Track is the only OEM telematics provider in the emerging markets that has successfully launched factory installed, aftermarket and commercial fleet telematics solutions under the OEM’s brand.

We develop and control every aspect of the telematics infrastructure—including hardware design, development and manufacturing, web and mobile apps, service provisioning, call center operations, dealer support, billing and renewals.

Road Track works closely with leading automotive manufacturers and partners to deliver the unique solutions required for each market.

We don’t just know what features vehicle owners and automotive manufacturers want in their telematics systems — we design, develop and deliver the next generation of advanced vehicle technology and services.

What We Do

Global Operations

Road Track operates in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Israel.
With the largest OEM subscriber base in Latin America, Road Track also has customers all around the world.

Main Offices

  • Mexico City, Mexico

  • Bogotá, Colombia

  • Quito, Ecuador

  • Caracas, Venezuela

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Haifa, Israel

  • Shenzhen, China

  • Barcelona, Spain