With over 35 different services, we offer a very broad portfolio of connected car services specifically designed for emerging markets.

The vehicle recovery process begins with or without the owners’ knowledge of the theft.

Our broad range of sensors and algorithms monitor your vehicle to help prevent it from being stolen in the first place.

Open and close the vehicle by approaching it or moving away.

We provide safety and assistance on the road.

24/7 Emergency Assistance immediately available through the push of a button.

If an accident occurs, Road Track emergency assistance personnel are automatically alerted, even if you were unable to push the button to call us. We ensure that emergency public safety personnel are immediately dispatched to the scene and stay with you until help arrives.

Flat tire? Engine trouble? Out of gas? Don’t worry. Road Track will help get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Ping your vehicle and view it on the map.

Track your vehicle in real time.

Lock and unlock your vehicle with one click on your phone app or with an SMS.

Can’t find your car in the parking lot after the ballgame? Activate the vehicle’s horn and emergency lights on the App or with an SMS.

Driving out of town? Just call us and we’ll actively track your route to ensure your safe arrival or provide any assistance you may need.

We offer the ultimate navigation and convenience experience.

Intuitive personalized navigation and convenience services designed to enhance your driving experience and help you get where you need to go safely and efficiently.

Simply dictate the point of interest or address where you are going and we’ll provide you with the three best routes with the current traffic information. For tough-to-find locations, simply search for them in the cloud and find your destination every time.

We can help guide you to your destination with turn-by-turn navigation with our advanced speech recognition and dictation technology.

Request real-time traffic information to any destination and we will find you the fastest routes.

Search any Point of Interest or address in the cloud to find whatever destination you need.

  • Locate and track the vehicle
  • Unlock and lock car doors
  • Speed alert
  • Parking alert
  • Intrusion alert
  • Car finder
  • Geo-fencing
  • History reports
  • Etc.

Road Track can remotely monitor the vehicle's diagnostic systems including all major DTC codes via the OEM’s vehicle Can-bus interface. Road Track will email customers a monthly report on the status of all these systems or even allow them to see the performance parameters of their vehicle by simply accessing the Road Track web site. New car dealers will also able to receive fault code, mileage and maintenance alerts to maintain a long-term and profitable service relationship with their customers.